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The Wheel of Creativity is a concrete model of the stages of the creative process. It is the process of creating anything new:  a business, a work of art, a scientific explanation, an athletic performance, a new career or a new day. Whether know you’re creative or you think you’re not, you can use The Wheel of Creativity on any given day, in relationship to any situation, to determine where you are in the cycles of Life’s creative process.

The creative process is a spiritual path for artist and non-artists alike. Creativity is the process of connecting with the je ne sais quoi from which it all comes—a form of ‘creative mysticism’. Through that process you can travel to the Source of all that is, mend the breaks in your connection to that Source, and return to the place you started, renewed and transformed. The byproduct of that journey is something new in the world; the product is the transformation of the self.

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Because... “Life is either a daring adventure... or nothing.”

                                                                                    - Helen Keller

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